Flash Video [FLV] Video Hosting and Distribution for Corporate and Educational Broadband Markets.
..Why choose Streaming Flash for Video and Audio?

Adobe Flash Player is the used in over 98% of Internet-enabled computer systems and wireless devices globally. Adobe Flash has become the default platform to display video using the FLV (Flash Live Video) Video/Audio file format.

Flash videos support higher compression than other competing formats such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Real , which results in lower costs and higher availabilty for making your corporate and educational videos available via your website. You save bandwidth and are able to store many more video and audio files than any of the other competing formats!

What are the benefits of online video? Corporate video, motivates cutomers to buy, it can train your sales force, it demonstrates how your products and services, and informs your shareholders of vital information. For educational institutions and library systems, it educates your students, patrons and employees, it lets funding organizations see first-hand the their generosity at work!